Musings from Fegans’ Dads

Linden Sanders is Operations Director at Fegans and Dad to Pippa (7) and Jasper (5). Here he shares his own experience of the joys and challenges of fatherhood.


What kind of a Dad do you think you are? What is your parenting style?

I’ve always been hands-on with the children from the time they were born. I love spending time with them doing fun things like riding bikes, trips to the park etc, but I also enjoy reading to them before bed (or now they often read to me!) or cooking for them and eating with them and hearing about their days at school.

When did your children last make you laugh? 

They make me laugh most days but the other day they were dressing up with swimming hats and goggles on and making up some song and dance routine which had me in stitches!

What do your children need to do to wind you up?! 

Ignore me when I’m talking to them.

What are your biggest parenting concerns? 

As they get older, the potential negative impact and influence of the internet and social media

What would make it easier for fathers to spend quality time with their children?

More flexible working hours. I’m fortunate to have a degree of flexibility in my work, but I know other dads that leave home before their children are awake, and get home after their children are asleep – I really feel for them.

Who/where do you turn to for parenting advice?

My Mum and Dad were excellent parents to me so I often ask them for advice, as well as friends with similar aged children.

Tell us about one of your favourite holiday memories?

I remember the first time we went camping in France with the kids. We had a little routine each morning which involved walking up to the campsite shop to buy bread and croissants, and we have a photo of the pair of them walking back to the tent, carrying baguettes and without a care in the world

What is your top parenting tip? 

Be spontaneous with your kids – some of the best times we’ve had have been out in the garden with no agenda but then some little game or adventure develops and we find ourselves running wild with our imaginations, having great fun. These moments are often far more precious than the planned activities.


CEO of Fegans, Ian Soars is Dad to three girls – a thirteen-year-old and identical twins aged 10. Here he shares his own experiences of the joys and challenges of fatherhood.


What’s the best thing about becoming a father?

Probably the opportunity to be intimately involved in incredible people’s lives. Oh, and having an endless source of fun on tap, they are very entertaining!

What do your children need to do to wind you up?!

Be evasive. Or simply not doing what they have been told, even when its patently in their own interest.

When did you last cry?

When I tell them how proud I am of them… what incredible young women they are becoming.

What are your biggest parenting concerns?

That they are already exposed to a culture that wants to rob them of innocence, fun and the right to form their own opinions.

What would make it easier for fathers to spend quality time with their children?

Work place culture simply has to change. As a CEO I know the frustrations that come with having employees who have large family demands but there isn’t a profit line that would suffer from cutting some slack every now and again and there is nothing macho about working long hours at the expense of your children.

What is your top parenting tip?

Time. Time. Time.

Tell us about some favourite memories you have created with your children?

So many… galloping on horses with a 10 year-old, taking all three out of their depth in the sea for the first time, tennis as the sun sets, more BBQs than is good for Climate Change, letting them drive the car at someone’s farm…

What do you enjoy doing with your children?

Walking the dog.

What would be the ultimate Father’s Day gift?

Just more time.