George Parker

George Frederick Parker (No 145)

George is one of our senior ‘old boys’. He was born on 6th June, 1923 in Kensington, London.

His mother left the family home when he was about 5 years old, and left her husband with four children to look after. It cannot have been easy as George says his father lost a leg in the First World War. George remembers hardly anything of his home life.

He went to Stony Stratford in October 1932 and left in 1938.

He had two sisters who were in a ‘home’ in Leamington Spa. His brother Les joined Fegans at the same time as George, but as he was younger, went to Yardley Gobion for a couple of years. George felt very sad at first, but after a while Fegans gave him a very happy and secure childhood; leaving him with no particularly sad memories.

He remembers eating Bread and Dripping and Pease Pudding. (I am editing these stories and I’m in my late 50s – these were two of my childhood favourites too!) To keep fit, he remembers playing Football and Cricket.

With George’s fantastic memory, he remembers a few of the masters: Mr (and Mrs) Bennett, Mr Moffat, Mr Kite, Mr Cairns, Mr Saunders and Mr Pillings. Many of these were Housemasters.

George doesn’t remember going on many day trips but does remember the daily chores all the boys had to do: scrubbing floors, cleaning basins and taps, washing up and sweeping the playground. Who needs a Caretaker when you have 200 boys? It must have been one of the cleanest buildings in England!!

We often remember the mischief we got into as children and George admits to ‘nicking sweets’ on one of the few days out they had.

He really enjoyed school and found himself Head Boy for a while. He recalls more staff: Mr and Mrs Swell (the Headmaster and his wife), Mr Foyle, Mr Stevens and Mr Griffiths.

He was involved in WWII, joining the Royal Navy in 1938 and leaving in 1947.

Throughout his working life he recalls having several jobs, but says he was “mainly a Postman”. George has enjoyed good health throughout his working life, so, “life came easily”.

He was married in 1949 at St John’s Church, Crawley. He is sorry to report that his wife sadly died in May, 2015. He has one son and one daughter who have given him five grandchildren.

George lives in Crawley, Sussex.

George Frederick Parker

(June, 2016)