Old Boys Derick Dimmock


This photo (ca. 1958) was sent to Fegans by Allan Macdonald with a letter that reads as follows:

  “Dear Friends, I’ve just been given a photo of Derick Dimmock at his wedding. His brother, Desmond, is also on the photo. They were both at Stony Stratford in the 40s and 50s. I at the time was at Yardley. I’ve just been told they’ve now both gone. I feel sad not keeping in touch with them, and then finding out why they was put in the Homes, back in the 1940s – 60s my friend lived on a farm. He said in the 1940s his father found them asleep in his field, their mother neglected them – poor kids. There’s lots of things I wish I’d done in younger life, then it’s too late… I’m sure there’s some old Fegans Boys that remember them. I think they owned a pub at one time and got on there feet after leaving the Homes. Well, so long for now.

Your friend