Working towards a kinder world

Our children are our future and we believe growing kindness within whole school communities can help to shape a better future for all.

Fegans have doubled in size in the last 18 months yet the demand for our services continues to rise.

The kindness project has been developed to help promote emotional wellbeing within schools. This creative initiative benefits children, parents and teachers whilst providing much needed funds for our charity Fegans, enabling more local families to receive the help they need.


To celebrate World Kindness Day 2018, schools across the South East took part in our fundraising initiative to educate and spread kindness throughout the whole school, with lesson plans, assemblies and crafts. If you would like to take part in The Kindness Project for World Kindness Day 2019, register your interest today, or if you would like to run the project before November, do get in touch and we can provide you with all you need.

I have been so encouraged by the positive responses from the children. Seemingly simple acts of kindness can mean so much.

Mrs Lisa Biggs, Head of PHSEE, The Mead School, Tunbridge Wells

How can we grow kindness?

To celebrate World Kindness Day on 13 November 2018 Fegans provided primary schools with a whole school approach to kindness, to great success.

This whole school fundraising initiative is a great way to celebrate World Kindness Day 2019, or to support emotional development as part of term themes. To apply for The Kindness Project follow the links below. Participating schools will receive;


  • everything they need to deliver an inspiring assembly
  • a PSHE curriculum linked lesson plan
  • associated resources to fulfil a fun, manageable fundraising challenge
  • an opportunity to engage parents and promote parenting strategies
  • post event tips and inspiration for keeping the kindness focus going throughout the year
  • the opportunity to earn a free Fegans parent talk or staff training session.


The Assemblies

Building on our recent secondary school Headspace assemblies Fegans developed an age appropriate assembly for primary schools to deliver with ease and confidence.

The fun, visuals and simple messaging will inspire infants and junior pupils to see the benefits of kindness for themselves, their family and friends, their school, their community and even the world!

The Paper Chain Effect

Every child will be given paper strips to complete with kindness challenges

Children will be encouraged to secure sponsorship for each act of kindness completed

Children will join their strips into paper chains, creating a visual representation of the multiplier effects of kindness

By way of rewarding involvement in the kindness project every child will receive a red wristband with an inspirational wellbeing message to take home.


The Lesson Plan and Worksheets

Fegans’ has worked with teaching and therapeutic professionals to develop comprehensive lesson plans that will ensure children not only understand how they can get involved in the kindness project but are enthused to do so. The Kindness Project will:



  • help children to build self esteem, develop empathy for others and build positive relationships
  • provide an opportunity for parents to praise and encourage children in a valuable life skill
  • foster a collaborative, supportive classroom and whole school culture of kindness
  • enable more local families to receive the emotional support they need to thrive


Information Pack


For more information about how your family or school can get involved download the information pack now


Fegans are so excited to educate children and families on the importance and power of Kindness, as well as raise much need funds for the charity

Every little helps, see our suggestions below for sponsored ‘acts of kindness’ and get involved with a great fundraising opportunity for community groups and schools


Acts of Kindness

Help out around the house
An obvious one, but can you do chores without being asked? This is a great kindness for all the family to enjoy
Walking the dog...
Or feeding the cat...looking after the family or neighbours pet is a great way to show you care
Donate old clothes and toys
By giving a charity shop or refuge your old clothes and toys you are showing kindness to those in need
Read a book to a younger sibling
This is a kind thing to do for little brothers and sisters who can't yet read for themselves
Give your teacher a compliment
It's lovely to hear something nice during a busy school day, try giving a compliment every day for a week to a different person in your life
Give friends kindness notes
Maybe a little note to say 'you're fantastic', 'I'm glad you are my friend' or a little picture
Bake cakes for a nursing home
Baking cakes for the elderly can really make their day
Make and post a card or letter
Sending your family or friends something lovely in the post to let them know you are thinking of them is a great way to show you care
Donate a book to the doctor's waiting room
We all know it's lovely to have something great to read
Can you think of any more?
Have a think with some friends and write down acts of kindness you can do together

Would you like to join us?

Would you and your school like to celebrate World Kindness Day and raise money for Fegans?

Simply download your sponsorship form, complete your acts of kindness, and return to Fegans Head Office, we will send a wristband to say thank you!


Download Kindness Pack HERE