Angie helped me get rid of the bad things in my life. I liked seeing Angie on a Tuesday. Now I am happy!

Anonymous, 9 Years Old
We currently provide counselling services in 80 schools (Approx).
Every single parent we work with shows improvement to their own wellbeing and parenting effectiveness by an average of 27-44% for each area measured.

Many of these go on to support other parents themselves

"To see a parent transform from needing help to providing help to others is a real priviledge" Fegans Parent Support Facilitator

Fegans helped me cope with my child better and be a stronger parent

Anonomous, 36 Years Old
The number of children in our Buttons pre-school has increased by over 40 % compared to last year
Our parent’s forum on has over 100,000 questions and answers to over 17,000 different topics and has almost 40,000 users.

My thanks will never be enough. Never, not in a million years, as there is no price tag on a mother’s relationship with her child.


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