We have been speaking to our Parenting Support Lead, Nicola Baldwin, to get her thoughts on being at home with young people.  She advises:


“It’s now more important than ever to keep to a familiar timetable as children work best when they follow a routine.  This gives them security which reduces their anxiety.  It also enables the family to take control in uncertain times  My advice is to keep similar timings that the children are already used to which will be less distressing for them.  Involve all of the children in planning activities for each day, maybe this can be arranged at a family meeting.


“Its really important for children to have physical exercise like a home obstacle course and fun things like crafts.  Keep activities mixed up so there are not long sessions of sitting quietly and concentrating.


“Bedtime must be exactly as it was before, this is the time they will need the most security and the comfort of their usual routine will help.”




Please download our free template to create your family’s Home Timetable.

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Here is an example of one we completed earlier…

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