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At Fegans we provide counselling to young people to help with their very unique concerns. Everyone of us is different, we have different problems and different reactions to certain situations. Finding help with problems that persist, or that are effecting your everyday life, can be daunting. Where to start? If you would like to know more about counselling at Fegans you can contact us in confidence on 01892 538 288.



The internet can get a lot of negative press when it comes to the mental health of young people. However there are many positive aspects to do with health, learning and support. We have put together a directory of some of the best support pages and organisations online for you below. Can’t see what you are looking for? Make a suggestion to


The NHS is generally the first place we go to for information on our health, in the form of a visit to the GP. However online you can access a range of facts about mental health. Click here to go to the website, or you can google words relating to your query followed by NHS to take you straight to the page you are looking for.


Usually the go to radio choice for up to date chart music and popular chat, Radio One has also found a voice online for young people and their interests and problems. You can visit the advice part of the site here, for information on just about everything. They also have further links and resources. Plus it looks cool.


The Mix calls itself ‘Essential support for under 25s’ and is a website with a whole host of articles, as well as an online forum. Partnered with ‘Heads Together’ the mental health organisation, it’s a good resource for young people. Some content may be relevant for older people, but there are good guides for things you may not feel comfortable talking to a parent or teacher about. You can go to the site here. 


Suicide is a very scary subject, but many young lives are lost to suicide every year. If there are any concerns in your life regarding suicide you must reach out to someone as soon as possible. It may start here on this site for more information, there is also a helpline to call.


Eating disorders are very common in young people. It’s a very complex subject, with variations of causes, and variations of actual symptoms and habits. Beat is the go-to for all the information on eating disorders, and there is a wealth of information online here, including support online and on the phone, and real life stories.


Childline is a well known support resource for children, directed at children who maybe don’t have any other place to go with their problems, fears or worries. You can visit the website here, which covers bullying, emotional stability right through to specific problems such as family breakdown. As well as offering 24 hour on call support, Childline also has fun options such as games, and tips and advice.


Worried about drugs and alcohol? Or just want to know the facts? Talk to Frank is a website dedicated to discussing all issues surrounding drugs and alcohol. It presents up-to-date information on what is actually happening in real life for young people effected by drug and alcohol abuse, it’s not patronising, and it covers everything from peer-pressure to legal highs. Check it out here. 


The Hide Out is a page dedicated to domestic violence, whether it’s happening to you, or those around you, this page is a good resource for finding out more about what’s going on and how to find information on support. It’s sectioned off into pages for children, young people and adults, so can address concerns in a way that’s easy to understand. Click here to learn more. 


The Student Room web page is directed at ‘students’ – which means anyone from GCSE upwards. It’s full of advice on studying and careers, but also gives advice on exam stress, and how to cope under pressure. It also gives advice, which can help with managing study in a healthy way. You can access The Student Room here. 


Online Safety is frequently taught in the classroom, and by parents. This website is going straight to the facts and support provided direct by the National Crime Agency’s CEPO Command, and it’s for all ages. So when you click on the home screen click your age group and all content will be bespoke for you, and the issues you may encounter, plus tips on how to stay safe online. Click here to learn more. 


This site has great information on how to cope with bereavement. Bereavement is a very specific issue, that can effect us all in very different ways, and sometimes come on at unexpected moments, through a sudden death, or through issues surrounding the loss of a loved one. This site has a tab for young people, and has forums for chat with others that may be experiencing the same feelings. Go to the site here. 

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