Our Governance

Fegans is a 147 year old Christian charity with a robust and efficient approach to finance and risk.

Policies / compliance
Fegans have published the following policies:

Data Protection Policy
Equal Opportunities
Complaints Policy 
Safeguarding Policy



We do this partly in the interests of transparency and partly as a result of our confidence in the robustness of our policies and our commitment to implementing them effectively in our organisation. Our policies are living documents that we incorporate in the very life of our organisation. For example the safeguarding team meets weekly with the CEO in attendance.

All policies are approved at Trustee level and reviewed regularly by the relevant member of the leadership team. Policies are updated regularly and speedily as required, in order to adapt quickly to operational changes or new legislative requirements.

Trustee overview

Following the Leadership Team reshaping throughout 2014/2015, the Trustee board is being aligned to reflect the core disciplines – Finance, operations, marketing etc. to be completed by 2017. As a board it is very engaged with continuous communication on operational issues with the leadership being brilliantly supported as Fegans changes and grows.

Income & Expenditure

Over 70% of Fegans income is from statutory partners paying for our services. We believe that this is testament to the quality of our services and the desperate need for them within the communities in which we operate. The 30% gap in our income portfolio can only be filled by donations from individuals and Trusts. Fegans is therefore in the unusual position of being excellent at selling our services to those who work with the vulnerable but historically deficient in utilising that success to motivate people to financially support the work we do with traumatised and vulnerable children. This in turn has led to a deficit between our income and expenditure which for financial year 2015/2016 is now a strategic and operational priority.

Ian Soars, our CEO, will be personally leading the campaign to raise our public profile and funding. He has launched a 4 fold strategy that seeks partners who believe in what we do to stand with us financially and in prayer.

The Four Pronged Approach is:
– The launch of the Fegans’ Ambassadors programme
– Engaging consultancy expertise to enable us to approach Trust Funds confidently
– Reaching out to high-value donors with an interest to see a Christian organisation thrive in a complex secular world
– A rapid growth strategy to increase our operational contribution to cover central costs.

In summary, Fegans offers an expensive service to those who often are unable to pay. The time and expertise required to recover a child who has suffered significantly is low compared to the results…but its absolute price is a high threshold for families and schools to have to reach. In order to ensure that traumatised children who cannot afford our services still have access to them Fegans need compassionate donors to step into our financial gap. It is perhaps worth noting that Fegans staff, who together are over 90% of our operating costs, are significantly underpaid but do this job because of a strong sense of calling to minister to children in need. As our staff have sacrificed because they believe in what we do, we trust that their example is a powerful motivator to those who can stand in the gap for, and with, us.