As a Christian organisation, Fegans believes that our Father in Heaven hears our prayers and regularly answers them. We acknowledge that this belief is not held by everyone we work with or who support us but we would welcome everyone, of all faiths or none, to join us as we petition our Government as well as our God for the following. Thank you for joining with us.


Father we pray that those in power begin to listen to organisations such as ours who are dealing with the outcomes of their decisions. Let leaders be guided by compassion and love for the vulnerable children and families that are currently suffering in our nation.

We ask that our government offers more support to parents in the UK, particularly those who are struggling due to financial difficulty or their own or their child’s mental health issues. Help them to realise that by investing in parents today it is not just these families that will benefit. Our entire nation will be rewarded, for this generation and for many generations to come.


At Fegans we are provided with many reasons to celebrate God’s great work. Our Christian charity is continually blessed by doors to new opportunities opening, renewed interest in our work, amazing counsellors joining our team and unexpected generosity from our supporters.

We are truly thankful for the growth we are continuing to experience, which enables us to support more children. However we are very aware that there are many more vulnerable families that we are not yet able to reach. We pray that we receive more funding to allow us to support more parents and counsel more children.


This year Fegans will counsel over 1,000 children. We pray that we reach them in time, that the time spent with our professionals will be precious and healing and that their confidence and resilience will grow as a result.

Every child we work with needs our love, compassion and support. Here are just a few of the children we ask you to remember in your prayers;

– a child who has recently lost his Dad to cancer and is struggling to cope with his loss.

– a little girl who is caught in the middle of her parents inimicable breakdown.

– a teen who has experienced severe online bullying and is refusing to go to school.