Father’s Day

The trouble with emphasising the importance of fathers, is that families without Dads can be made to feel second best, a view that we at Fegans do not share. Nevertheless, Dads do bring an important dimension to children’s lives, and we don’t do enough as a society to emphasise that. I read an interesting ‘Working Families’ report a couple of weeks ago talking about the “fatherhood penalty”, where fathers feel unsupported in the workplace when it comes to work/life balance. Working Mums will be painfully familiar with the female equivalent, but the numbers for men were insightful.

*47% of working fathers want to downshift into a less stressful job because they can’t balance the demands of work and family life.

*38% of fathers say that they would be willing to take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.

*44% of fathers have lied or bent the truth to their employer about family related responsibilities that ‘get in the way’ of work.

*Half of the fathers interviewed found their work and family life balance is increasingly a source of stress.

*A third of fathers feel burnt out regularly and one in five fathers are doing extra hours in the evening or weekends all the time.*

This Father’s Day Fegans will be celebrating all things great about fathers so please look out for our video campaign on social media and share it with friends and family.  We would like as many people as possible to receive our inspirational message of positive parenting and the impact Dad’s make in their children’s lives.  The video series is called ‘Looking Up’ as we have tried to capture parenting from a child’s perspective to show how positive parenting feels for them.

As this newsletter hits your door steps I am speaking at a mental health conference looking at Teenage mental health….and chief among the issues I will be addressing is the parent-child bond which we in the UK seem determined to erode through work place culture, legislation, and family law. I will be writing regularly on these topics on the Fegans’ blog, so do follow Fegans on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

Ian Soars , CEO Fegans

*Modern Families Index 2017