Our Father in heaven, we come to you as one voice asking for your continued guidance in all we do as individuals, as an organisation and as a nation. We thank You that our Prime Minister, Theresa May, has voiced her concern over the lack of mental health support for young people in our nation. We ask that You continue to guide her and all relevant parties as they seek to work with organisations to support schools and children. In faith we pray that You see this through to fruition and that You continue to stir the hearts of our Prime Minister with compassion for our nation’s children.


Lord God: thank you for being the heart of Fegans. Please continue to guide Fegans in our vision and path, achieving that which is only possible only through you; to reach every child in our nation that is in need.

We ask that you give Fegans the opportunity to speak with our government. More specifically Lord, we ask that you give us an opportunity to share our vision of Fegans with Theresa May. If the best way forward is to be championed then, Lord we ask that you pave the way for Fegans and lead us in Your strength and wisdom.

Father, as the burden gets heavier, continue to bear this load with us and sustain us. We pray your blessing on every person involved in our organisation.


Thank You Father for our growth as an organisation, which is allowing us to reach more children. We pray for this to continue.

* Lord we bring to you the children who are offered counselling by their schools but yet denied it by their parents. Help us get to those children in time Lord.

* For the children that experience communication barriers, whether it be through language or disability, we pray that they feel heard and that healing will take place.

* We ask your protection and healing on every child that is on the radar of our safeguarding team.

As always, we ask this in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.