Fegans’ Progress

As readers will be aware Fegans has been growing and changing substantially over the last two years.

Fegans finished the year under our budget deficit…thank you God. We have set an even tighter budget this financial year to ensure the continued life of Fegans for many years to come. We thank you for your continued support in making this possible.

As we grow in size and reputation, we are continuing to raise our profile amongst influential leaders in the Church and State. This enables us to share our insight and solutions to the issues facing families and children today. This is particularly important because in recent months there has been a torrent of horrific revelations of what is happening to our nation’s children. To name a few:

  1. One in 4 young women are now self-harming.
  1. The NSPCC reported a 35% increase in anxiety amongst children and young people from 2014/15 to 2015/16 (31 Oct 2016).
  1. Two children and two young adults kill themselves every day. Every day.

In our previous newsletter we began to address some of the reasons why children and families are in such pain. In this edition we would like to look at the internet and how its use can damage families and children.