Fegans hopes for the future

All charities are precious and fill important gaps in the provision to the poor and vulnerable. Fegans believes our contribution is valuable because:

  1. As the State retreats from its provision of mental health services to traumatised children very few organisations are equipped clinically or operationally to step into the gap.
  1. Our operational delivery model means that we can flex to the ever changing needs of communities, both geographically and in the type of clinical intervention we can offer.
  1. We can grow quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of the most vulnerable families. without incurring increased core costs.

Due to the sheer scale of the situation in which we find ourselves, Fegans believes that as a nation we need to rethink how we care for the vulnerable.

In our view we need to consider how the UK’s largest pool of community based caring volunteers…the church…can be equipped to work alongside the statutory authorities, who have the largest case load of any generation in a time of restricted finances.

Fegans is working with secular authorities and the broader church to look at how the gap of trust, clinical excellence and safeguarding can be bridged to join these two powerful communities together. For the sake of these children, for the sake of the most vulnerable families we believe this bridge must be built.

Fegans can be that bridge.