Fegans' Priorities

At Fegans we often speak of “reaching as many children as fast as we can”. This is because we have a large waiting list of deeply traumatised, hurting and sometimes abused children. 

Our heart is to get to them all. We have the people, systems, safeguarding and governance…only a lack of funding is holding us back.

However, two towns have invited us in and rallied their communities, schools and churches to financially support us working with their children. 

As a result Fegans is delighted to announce that we are planting two  new teams in September, one in Banbury (North Oxfordshire) and one in Goudhurst. 

For those of you familiar with the Fegans story, Goudhurst will be of particular interest as we used to have a training farm there, and it is where James Fegan is buried. 

The Church where James Fegan is buried is at the epicentre of the community that is working together and opening the way for us to come. 

For Fegans September 18 is going to be very special. We are breaking new ground and also reclaiming some from the days of our founder. God is good.

Ian Soars

Fegans CEO

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