Heavenly Father, thank you that the Government has recognised that mental health, especially amongst children and young people, is an issue that needs addressing.

Guide those in authority to know the way forward with this and to be proactive. Provide the resources that are needed so that the best help may be given in the best way. 

We pray that different agencies and organisations involved may listen to one another and work together in positive ways. Give motivation to all those throughout our nation who work to support and help those who are emotionally vulnerable. 


Father, you are at the heart of all we do, our motivation, and Fegans exists to serve you and pour out your love on the families and children we have the privilege to work with. 

Thank you for all those we are already helping and we pray that as an organisation we may continue to spread and flourish so that we can help many more.  

You know the needs of the staff and of Fegans itself and we ask that you will give those who lead clear insight as to the way forward. Guide our decision making that it may be acceptable in your sight and that good decisions will be made. Make us generous of heart and understanding and help us to be trusting that you will provide resources so that we can do this work. 


As we come towards the end of term, Lord, we pray you will grant courage and confidence to those who will be going to new schools, college or university in September. This is a busy time with end of term productions, exams, sports days and children can be anxious. Help them to find some quiet and calm so that they may cope with all they have to do. 

We ask you to watch over and protect vulnerable children during the summer break. May they come to know that they are important and valuable and worthy of love. Where there are difficult relationships within families we pray that children do not get caught up in the middle.  

Lord, look after youngsters who are carers for parents or other siblings. May they have opportunities to be children.

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