CEO, Ian Soars, reflects on ‘why?’ behind the work we do

Thanks to your wonderful generosity 2017 was an incredible year for Fegans; we launched a new parenting programme that partners church and state, we doubled the capacity of our preschool and we doubled the number of children we see each week. Fegans will always work tirelessly with the marginalised, vulnerable and neglected to recover them to full health but as a Christian organisation we also want to address the “Why” of the work we do. Why are so many children on antidepressants? Why are so many families suffering from domestic violence? Why is selfharming the new normal for teenagers? Why?
Over the next five issues of Fegans’ Voice we are going to speak clearly about these and other issues. For this year we want to speak publically about the heartbreak we feel for the families and children we work with, and begin to campaign for a better world that they deserve.
We want to work towards a world where parents take joy in families staying together so their children flourish. Where mums are valued and endorsed. Where dads rediscover their unique and vital role in raising children. Where government understands that the family unit needs defending; at all costs. Where the damage social media causes is challenged and unbridled abuse constrained.
The joy of the Christian voice is that is doesn’t speak to its own need, but for the sake of all. As qualified experts working with the most vulnerable of all children, as parenting intervention professionals working with the most vulnerable we want to speak up for them, to defend them, to work towards a world we all used to believe in. We invite you to stand with us as we take up the cause of the single parent, vulnerable child and the stranger in our lands.