Thanks to our generous donors we are able to support around 400 children and families in both our parenting and our therapy sessions every week. We continue to respond to core issues that our clients face, whilst also working to address the root causes to prevent more children suffering.

As Bishop Tutu said:

“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.”

Fegans is spearheading that change, initially in the home of our Head Office in Kent but with plans to expand beyond this area. Our four month exhibition, Seasons of Change, is reaching out to every member of the local community to educate and inspire positive mental health change.

From schools to churches to businesses and families we are providing engaging, thought provoking content to transform our approach to family mental health. As part of this we are hosting a Children’s Mental Health Conference for Head teachers with key note speakers from CAMHS, The Anna Freud Centre, the police and other mental health practitioner organisations to answer this question: “How can we work together to reverse the alarming trends in children’s mental health”….or in Bishop Tutu words… “how do we go upstream?”

We thank you for your support of us. We thank you for the way you have partnered with us. Our heart is for the work we do in our therapy rooms to inform great ways of changing the nation, to go upstream and stop these precious children falling in.

We aim for the Christian Church in the UK to have an expert voice at its disposal to speak into the pain our children are suffering. We are passionate about seeing this happen and we would love you to join us contending for our children.

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