Dear Lord,

We continue to pray for all the vulnerable children that we have not yet managed to reach, who desperately need someone on their side in this world. We promise to work always with these children in mind, as well as those we help, so that even when we are not physically there for them, they are held in our prayers and with our love.

We would also like to pray for the pupils, teachers, and support staff that started a new academic year last month. May their days be productive and happy, may all the children get the educational and emotional support they need, and may the teachers and staff know the full worth of their contribution.

Lastly we would like to thank you for all the happy homes, for the ones that have heat and food and love. We pray with all our hearts that those without this can find some comfort at home, and that you will touch them with your love as the winter draws closer.


Dear Lord,

We wish to give thanks for helping us spread the love of Fegans, especially for our wonderful team who attended New Wine. Thank you for surrounding us with love and thank you for offering space in which to do your good work, reaching out to families and spreading the word.

Thank you for all the counsellors and support workers that have returned to the academic year with energy and enthusiasm. We pray that in times of challenge, they know we, as the Fegans’ family are behind them every step of the way, as they go to the front line in our quest to help every child in need.

We also pray for our ongoing partnerships with faith organisations and other charities. We pray that these relationships flourish and develop, so that we can help our growing communities of children and parents find love and kindness in their lives, and bring great positive change to lives nationally.


Dear Lord,

We wish to pray specifically for children who experience bullying. We pray that those children find strength to believe in themselves, and find the support they need. We also pray for the bullies, that they too come to realise they can find non-judgmental help, and a peaceful way in which to live their lives for themselves, and for others.

We wish to give thanks on behalf of all the children whose home lives have been improved by the courageous parents who have attended our Parents Supporting Parents programme. PSP has a proven positive effect in the home, so children willbe blessed with a calmer family life.

Finally we would like to thank you for every child’s imagination and unique personality. When we see the world through the eyes of a child we see the world you have created for us in all its awesome glory, and it is a wondrous experience we continue to treasure.

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