Fegans’ Appeal

Due to the huge demand and the continual reduction of state funding, it is essential we move quickly to reach vulnerable children and families. Fegans continue to grow across the south east of England, providing much needed support to those most in need.

With your help we can do more.

Fegans would like to recruit another 100 counsellors and 100 parent support workers and volunteers over the next two years. The work we do is complex, technical and life changing. The safeguarding costs alone will be over £30k, which is essential to ensure that children are lawfully protected in the most extreme cases.

Every £240 sees a child counselled, that’s just £20 per month.

Every £200 sees a family supported and restored to health and hope. Another £200 will see those restored parents trained and deployed as volunteers to support parents who are just like they were.

Your donation can make a difference.

Will you stand with Fegans?  For ways to donate click here, or complete our standing order form