Coping Strategies for Parents in School Holidays

As much as we love our little darlings the school holidays can be a challenging time, particularly on rainy days!  To try and avoid the dreaded phrase ‘I’m bored!’ why not create a boredom jar?  You can use any jar or container that you have in the house and have your child cut out some paper to make a label and decorate a tag to make it all pretty!  Then fill it with a variety of activities for those moments of boredom, here are some ideas to get you started….

Boredom Jar

Read a book

Bake a cake

Research the Romans

Make an obstacle course

Make a pizza

Tidy your room

Pick a flower

Go swimming

Bake biscuits

Call for a friend

Do the washing up

Make music

Visit the library

Make rocky road

Play hopscotch

Groom the dog

Colour in a book

Clean your bedroom

Learn how to skip

Help pair socks

Draw your family

Write 5 things you love about your

brother /sister

Play with Lego

Do a jigsaw

Scoot round the block

Make fingerprint animals

Feed the ducks

Put up the play tent

Play with the toy cars

Make cards

Draw a map of our house

Have a bath with some tupperware

Write a story

Find out how many bones are in the human body

Draw a robot and label all his parts

Have a shower

Make paper aeroplanes

Pretend you are a knight

Sort the laundry

Let’s cook – cupcakes

Empty the dishwasher

Have a tea party with your friends

Jump up and down 20 times

Let’s cook – you choose

Watch a movie then write or record a review of it

Go out on your Bike

Get the paint out

Go to a park

Water the plants

Make homemade bubbles

Have an ice-cream

Make hot chocolate

Vacuum the stairs

Craft with Mum

Set the table

1 chore of Mums choice

Draw a comic

Play with Playmobil

30 minutes on your screen of choice

Make Jelly

Make a bird feeder

Build a den

Make a rain water collector

Climb a tree

Make wooden spoon people

Let’s cook – muffins

Make/fly a kite

Let’s cook – Make popcorn

Board game

Go for a walk

Roll down a hill

Sweep the ground floor

Go to the beach

Sort out your shoes

Borrow the camera

Find five toys to give away

Do some stitching

30 mins with Mum

Wash the car

Football match

Go to a Museum

Make a volcano

Plan dinner, write a menu, help cook & serve

Have a race

Find shapes, animals and objects in clouds

Plant a bean in a jar

Make finger puppets

Write a poem

Watch a TV programme

Pretend you are a cowboy

Make a paper plate monster mask

Make a family tree

Make a treasure map

Learn how to use the washing machine

Go to the library

Pretend you are a pirate

Mop the bathroom

Make a paper boat

Write to your penpal

Vacuum a room in the house

Sweep the path

Play hide and seek

Mop the kitchen

Go on a litter pick

Create a paving stone gallery

Have an ice cream

Find 8 different leaf shapes

Make some paper flowers

Sort out your bookshelves

Photograph six different bugs

Create a word search/crossword

Make a fruit salad

Decorate a plant pot

Play balloon tennis

Make a stone balancing tower

Play cards

Hold a snail race

Decorate some stones

Make pompoms

Do origami

Make a windsock

Tell some jokes

Play dominoes

Make pinwheels

Decorate a cardboard box

Make a comic

Write down 3 things you are grateful for

Make a paper boat

Dance to your favourite song

Make wrapping paper

Do some potato printing

Make a sports drink

Make a musical instrument

Put the tent up in the garden

Play football

Write a journal

Play cricket

Make a collage

Play badminton

Paint a rainbow

Play tennis

Learn a magic trick

Make pancakes

Have a dance party

Research the Vikings

Go Geocaching

Make mum a cup of tea

Write a postcard

Learn cross stitch

Write the shopping list

Pick a craft to do with Mum

Walk the dog

Skim stones

If you have a teenager keen to earn some extra pocket-money here are some great ideas to keep bored teenagers occupied this summer and information on the rules on children and teens working.

School holidays can be a difficult time for parents, particularly if you are bringing up your children alone – complicated childcare arrangements, financial pressures and the challenges of entertaining bored children. Family Lives has some great coping strategies for single parents in the school holidays.

When you don’t have a lot of money, it can feel difficult to keep the children occupied. But be reassured your time is more important to them than money.

  • Check out your local library for free activities for the kids over the summer holidays
  • Inspire your child to fall in love with reading this summer. Reading fuels their imaginations and helps them develop empathy and changes the way they see and think about the world and their place in it.
  • Reading gives children the building blocks they need to succeed at school, in work and in life.