Case Study

Aggressive behaviour towards his classmates prompted Ben’s* primary school to contact Fegans. In the first session the counsellor discovered nine year old Ben was also self-harming, using sharp plastic to mark his upper arms and legs. Ben was clearly distressed; the counsellor used art therapy, talking and role play to help identify the root cause of his behaviour.

As the bond between Ben and his counsellor grew he felt able to disclose the disturbing details of his home life. The physical and emotional abuse he was regularly suffering at the hands of his step-father made it clear he was in immediate danger.

The counsellor quickly implemented the Fegans’ safeguarding process, involving social services to protect Ben from further harm.

Throughout the turbulent aftermath in Ben’s home life, Ben’s counsellor remained his steady constant. Working with Ben, the counsellor slowly built his self-esteem and confidence by working with Ben to process his trauma and his feelings of worthlessness and fear.

Five months on, the counselling sessions have ended and Ben is back at home. His step-father is no longer in his life and his Mum continues to receive support for her issues and to improve her parenting. Ben’s school reports ‘…he is a calmer boy now and has begun to make a few close friends. His school work has improved too. The transformation is remarkable. It makes us so happy to see the positive impact Fegans has made in Ben’s life.’

Amalgamised and anonymised case study.

*Image and name have been changed for client confidentiality.