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The Gift of Listening Part 1

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have, and one of the greatest gifts you can give to others. How well you listen has a major impact on the quality of your relationships.

University, Lockdown and Drugs

The alarming recent news stories of university students dying of overdoses in their university halls has caused great concern among parents who are stranded miles away from their isolated children, some of whom are away from home for the first time. Unfortunately, drugs at universities are a long-standing problem.

Back to School Post-Lockdown

Returning to school after the national lockdown is uncharted territory and can be unsettling for everyone. Our Fegans’ counsellors offer a few tips on how to smooth the transition from home to classroom.

What to do When Things get Fraught.

Having to spend so much time together with other family members when we are not used to it and feeling confined is not easy. Try to be aware of the levels of tension in the house.

Tips to Prepare the Return to School

The number of children returning to the classroom is steadily increasing as schools across the UK start to invite more pupils back.

While some children are excited to return, there are many children who are feeling anxious about going back.

How to Build Confidence in Young Children

At home, they’re Superman or Wonder Woman: charging around, centre stage, demanding your attention – but, after two months at home, many of us are worrying about how easily our children will find returning to the classroom.

Releasing Anger

A child who is very angry may be so full of the emotion they cannot contain it and need to release some of it before they can begin to calm down. 

How Grandparents Can Help by Reaching Out

As stay-at-home orders are implemented across the world, many grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends are acutely feeling the loss and social isolation of being away from the children that they care about. Our Parent Support Coordinator has some advice to keep in touch.

Rainbow Wisdom

The rainbows are a powerful statement each child is making to remind us all of what is important for the survival of our communities. They help us all to make the right choices and not let our adults’ fear and anxiety overwhelm us.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry can drive parents nuts, and it’s inevitable if you’ve got more than one child in your home. Our Support Parent Workers have lots of tips to handle the bickering.

Harmony in the Home

Schools are now closed across the UK and parents will be faced with the challenging task of looking after children while continuing to work from home.

How to Talk to your Children about Coronavirus

Children will know about the virus, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it as this can make children worry more.
Your goal is to help your children feel informed with fact-based information that is likely more reassuring than whatever they’re hearing from their friends or on their newsfeeds. 

Communicating Emotions

At times like these, your children may be experiencing some emotions that they haven’t fully felt before.  The time you have in the home together could be fraught with outbursts but, at Fegans we see this as an opportunity for you to help your youngsters deal with their feelings and learn to communicate them to others.

Spotting the Signs

At times of crisis such as the global pandemic we currently face, parents may be particularly concerned about their children’s mental health.

Tantrums vs Meltdowns

With families spending more time in the home and self-isolating, the chances of tantrums and meltdowns are likely to increase, particularly if we are struggling ourselves.

The Importance of Confidence

We know many parents will worry about the impact of school closures on their child emotionally and academically, but this time when we are all together can be a great opportunity to start building on improving a child's confidence.

Parent Role Models

Parents are a child's first teachers and role models. And usually children are more affected by what their parents do than by what their parents say. They learn how to behave by seeing how their mothers and fathers behave and by following their example. The way we, as parents, deal with the current pandemic and self-isolation, will influence how are children respond to the situation.

Child-led Play

With families spending so much time together, now is the perfect time to throw yourself in to child-led play.

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How to help an Autistic Child during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Sudden change is never easy and often bewildering, but for young people on the autistic spectrum, it is especially difficult to navigate - and sometimes distressing. School closures have meant families around the world having to change their routines, if not their lives, and created unique issues for caregivers and people with autism.

The Priory’s Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg says the important thing to remember is that people with autism, and those who look after them, need to be part of the conversation.

Conversation Starters

With all that extra time at home with your child, are you worried you might run out of things to talk about? This is the ideal opportunity to have some great conversations with your kids...

Precious Time

Fegans' Head of Parenting and Development explores why we need to look for and relish the opportunities for spending time with our children.

Love Languages

Everyone has their own way of receiving love from another person, known as their “Love Language”. Find our what the five love languages are and adapt how you communicate with your children.