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What can we do about bullying?

Bullying is a great concern for any parent, at some point we have all witnessed or been a victim of bullying, and the thought of our children suffering is sometimes hard to face.

How to Build Resilience in your Child

If you are navigating the pressures of your job without schools or childcare or are working harder than ever in a key public service then you need to know that your kids will be alright.

How to Talk to your Children about Coronavirus

Children will know about the virus, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it as this can make children worry more.
Your goal is to help your children feel informed with fact-based information that is likely more reassuring than whatever they’re hearing from their friends or on their newsfeeds. 

Online Counselling for Teenagers

Fegans is working hard to make sure we can continue to support as many families as possible during this time of Coronavirus lockdown, so we are now offering online counselling to young people in year 7 and above.

How Grandparents Can Help by Reaching Out

As stay-at-home orders are implemented across the world, many grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends are acutely feeling the loss and social isolation of being away from the children that they care about. Our Parent Support Coordinator has some advice on keeping in touch.

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