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New Year, New Hope?

As many are noting, a “return to normal” is looking unlikely. The future has become less predictable, so how can you set goals?

Give Well for Less

This year, rather than buying gifts, why not make them? Maybe the recipient is someone you haven't been able to see, or someone you want to show has been in your thoughts. They’ll know that you had to spend a little more time on them, and that thoughtfulness is always appreciated. 

Dad.Info Forum, owned by Fegans, has set up a dedicated forum to help parents during the lockdown.
Just ask any question about family life - and our Parents Support Workers will do their best to answer.

Boredom Busters

Keep the kids from getting bored with these fun activities, crafts, recipes and games. Come here anytime the kids need something to do, and bust that boredom!

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