When face-to-face counselling resumes, our counsellors will need to wear face masks to protect the children who come for counselling. Masks can be scary, and act as a barrier between the therapist and the patient, these masks will therefore need to have a clear plastic insert to enable children to see facial expressions.

We would be so grateful if you would join us in making these masks for the Fegans Counsellors…


Photo 1: Cut two pieces of fabric to 6 x 9 inches. I cheated and folded my material over pinned it then cut through both pieces together. I only had sharp pinking shears hence the zig zag finished edges.


Photo 2: Measure and marked the two outlines of the rectangle for the clear plastic mouth area. 4×2 inches and then a smaller one inside of 3.5 x1.5 inches. Use chalk or felt tip pen to mark this.


Photo 3: Cut out the smaller rectangle and then cut diagonally into the corners.


Photo 4: Once you’ve cut into the corners fold the flaps and pin them down ready to sew.


Photo 5: Sew continuously around the rectangle.


Photo 6: Put both fabrics together (if patterned put patterns inwards together) and sew around the outside edge.


Photo 7: Turn it the correct side out.


Photo 8: Fold six inch piece of pipe cleaner in half and twist it. Tuck it in the top of the long side between the two pieces of fabric.


Photo 9: Sew around the twisted pipe cleaner (this will be around the nose area on the finished mask).


Photo 10: Cut out clear plastic – I used an A4 clear folder I had from work and cut out the shape 3x5inches. Position it between the two fabrics and sew around the rectangle area.


Photo 11: Elastic – cut 2 lengths of 7 inches and sew to the reverse of the mask at each side. This will go over your ears.


Photo 12: Fold each corner in and pin and then at each side gather a pleat of material in the middle and pin. You should now have 3 pins each side. . You will also need two pleats at the bottom of the material (this will be your chin area). Pin and sew across these two pleats.


Photo 13: Sew straight down the side – across the folded corners and pleats. 


 I used a drop of handsoap on a piece of kitchen paper and rubbed it on to the clear plastic until not visible…it helps to demist the clear plastic.