Free Drop-in Webinar for GPs

Working Together to Improve Children’s Mental Health after lockdown and beyond

This Fegans webinar is for GPs and medical professional, from across the UK, to discuss resources available to reach the most vulnerable and improve mental health for children and young people; during lockdown, after lockdown and the transition between the two, including any long term impacts.

The live Zoom webinar that will be held on Thursday 16th July, from 1-2pm.


Fegans Counsellors, who see over 400 young people a week, will provide a brief update from the frontline and Dr Faye Hinsley will talk about how working with Fegans has boosted the support she can offer her patients.  There will be a live Q&A session that will enable the GPs to ask anything of the speakers:


Ian Soars – CEO, Fegans

Debbie Pattison – Fegans Counsellor

Sarah Wallis – Head of Delivery, Fegans

Ann-Marie Fisher – Head of Engagement, Fegans

Dr Faye Hinsley – GP, Headcorn Surgery, Kent


Ian Soars, CEO of Fegans, said:

“The impact that lockdown has had on young people’s mental health is something that we will be dealing with for some time.  We have sadly already lost some wonderful young people to suicide and many others are dealing with complex emotional issues due to bereavement, abuse, anxiety, depression, bullying and self-harm…we deal with such awful things every day at Fegans.  We are keen to work with GPs to ensure that young people receive the support they deserve to heal and become stronger as they transition from lockdown.”


If you are a GP or Health Professional and would like to register for the event, please complete the below form:


Working Together to Improve Children’s Mental Health