Easter Crafts

The Easter holidays are here! We have searched the web and found some of the best Easter craft ideas to do with your children to keep them entertained in the holidays.  All of these can be done on a budget, so find one that inspires you,, follow the steps, and enjoy!

Blown and Decorated Eggs

Blown eggs are a great and fun activity to do with the children, and they look so pretty when painted, or even coloured in with felt tips. You will need half a dozen eggs, a darning needle or small scissors, and a bowl. Make sure you schedule eggs for tea so there is no waste! Find out more here:

The Magic Onions Blog

Origami Egg Cup Holders

Perfect craft idea to showcase your lovely new blown eggs, and you will only need squares of jolly paper. If you can’t make the craft store search the house for old magazine paper you can use, children’s magazines will work a treat or recycled stiff wrapping paper. Cut into squares and follow the steps on the Martha Stewart website:

Martha Stewart

Easter Tree

The Easter Tree has become a new favourite seasonal decoration. You can find an old branch in the garden, or park floor. Prop this up in a pot, to create your own tree to decorate. You can even paint it if you are feeling particularly creative. Decorate with anything colourful, this could be tissue paper, flowers or even little furry chicks from the pound shop. Don’t worry about the mess too much, just remember it goes in the recycling after Easter Monday. Find out more here:

Red Ted Art

Easter Bonnets

Easter bonnets are a lovely tradition that children find fun, and one that parents enjoy for the cute/funny photo opportunity. Firstly find a hat to decorate.  Straw hats work best, but equally you can always loosely tack decorations onto an old wool hat or beanie. You can even cobble a hat together from an old cereal packet, all you need is lots cellotape and patience! You can use fake flowers, tissue paper, felt, old buttons or even old toys to decorate. Get some more inspiration from NetMums:


Happy crafting!