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Flying solo

Support for Single Dads

Are you a single Dad? You are not alone. Eight per cent of Britain’s two million single parents are Dads, caring for their families often under very difficult circumstances. Burdens that are heavy when carried by two parents become crushing when borne by one. Fegans honours single parents – including single Dads – for the incredible job that they do. And we want to support them in their efforts to create good relationships with their children, help them to find sources of help in their own communities and connect with other parents who are experiencing similar challenges.

One of the points that we try to emphasise on our parenting support programmes is that in order for to become the best possible parent you can be, you have to take care of your own mental health first. If you are finding life hard to cope with – maybe you are stressed out, struggling to sleep or suffering from a bereavement – then do not hesitate in making that Dr’s appointment, look for counselling or support groups or confide in someone. We are proud supporters of the Heads Together campaign which aims to reduce the stigma around mental health which stops people getting the help they need. Take courage and have that first conversation. #oktosay

Sometimes when you are dealing with a problem you may find it more helpful to hear how other Dads have coped. Gingerbread – an organisation providing advice and practical support for single parents – runs Single Dads’ Forums where you can connect with other single Dads for example. On their website single Dad, David, talks about his experience of fatherhood, the challenges of juggling full-time work and care, and how he managed his emotional wellbeing following his divorce. You can watch his film here. Gingerbread is free to join.

Big Shout Out to all the single Dads out there! You are doing a great job – and actually you are not alone.