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Flexible Working

Flexible Working 

According to the 2017 Modern Families Index, some UK workplaces are failing to support fathers who want to take an active part in childcare.

  • Half of the fathers surveyed said their work life balance was increasingly a source of stress
  • A third felt regularly burnt out
  • One in five fathers are doing extra hours in the evening or weekends all the time 
  • 44% of fathers have lied or bent the truth to their employer about family-related responsibilities that “get in the way of work”

Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive of Working Families, said: “Employers need to ensure that work is designed in a way that helps women and men find a good work-life fit.  Making roles flexible by default and a healthy dose of realism when it comes to what can be done in the hours available are absolutely vital. A game-changing first step would be government creating a new, properly paid, extended period of paternity leave – sending clear signal that government recognises the aspirations of modern fathers and is serious about tackling the motherhood penalty that blights the working lives of so many women.”

Here are some examples of employers supporting fathers in the workplace:

  • Father of two, Adam Gretton, works for East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust. He was the first man there to take shared parental leave. You can read about his experience here


  • Barrie Allan from Essex works fulltime as a director with the business advisory firm, Deloitte. He leaves work early on Wednesdays to allow him to pick up his son from an after-school club. He also works from home on average a day a month so he can attend school events, such as sports days, special assemblies and performances and buys extra holiday days to cover childcare when his wife travels for work. Read about how his family works here 

If you would like to change your working hours you can access advice from the Working Families website here

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