Sophia never knows what to expect at home

Sophia*, aged 11, lives at home with her mother, one older sibling and two younger siblings.  Her Dad is committed to his family but works long hours to make ends meet.  Sophia’s homelife is busy and her Mum often has to help her 9-year-old brother who has an autistic spectrum condition (ASC).


Her brother often loses his temper, kicking holes in the walls.  Due to his condition, Sophia’s brother displays challenging behaviour and struggles to control his anger. He often lashes out physically, damaging their home and belongings. Her Mum needs to support him and help him manage his outbursts.


In Sophia’s words, watch and listen to what homelife is like for little Sophia:




Sophia feels scared and alone.  She is tired from constantly being on edge and having to support her Mum.


Tired and distracted in class, Sophia finds it hard to learn. She is struggling at school, she finds it difficult to grasp some of the concepts her classmates are picking up. Her grades are dropping as a result.


If Sophia can’t learn properly when she’s at school, her whole future is in jeopardy. How is she going to be able to reach her full potential?


Many children feel invisible in their own homes, are exhausted by what life throws at them and parents are struggling.


Help a family like Sophia’s reset and make healthy changes, now.




*Name and image have been altered to protect the child’s identity