1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder.*

*Public Health England, 2018


Imagine how many children are suffering whilst waiting for help.

Can you help a child receive the help they need?


Right now, more than ever, we can all understand the challenge of facing stress and anxiety, this is often more difficult for children and young people to cope with.


We are receiving more referrals from parents desperate for their children to access counselling and we do not want to turn anyone away.


By donating £5 today you will help children heal from their emotional pain and move forwards with their lives.


Donate today and make a child’s life worth living

View Jake’s Story here…

Jake’s Dad died in a shock accident and now bereavement is having an impact on his life


View Adabelle’s story here…

Adabelle’s Mum walked out of the family home following an argument.  She hadn’t been seen for weeks.


View Tammy’s story here…


It only took one night and careless friends who got her drunk to leave Tammy crying for help


Before the present crisis we were already working hard to reduce delays to getting help to our children. As you can imagine, the current situation makes that an even greater challenge.


We will not give up on them, not now, not ever!


Donate today and stop the wait