Breakfast at school? 

We are concerned about the proposed policy to replace free school lunches with free school breakfasts.

Obviously, if children are coming to school hungry, they need feeding but we believe feeding a child is the parent’s job. If parents are not feeding their children at home they need to be supported, educated and told to do so.

Starting the school day earlier with breakfast means the children are away from the home for longer days, and potentially if they are staying to an after school club they are being fed all of their meals at school. Whilst we understand the challenges of working parents – we also know that children need to spend time at home with their parents.

Free lunches for infants have been great, as a working parent I love the fact that I don’t have to make a packed lunch!  The schools have already adapted to this change, it seems unnecessary to make even more changes to school infrastructure to incorporate breakfast.  Surely the schools have enough policy and curriculum changes to deal with without adding this to their responsibilities too.    If breakfasts are replacing free school meals to try and save the government money surely reverting to means tested free school meals could address this, leaving breakfasts to the parents.

Sarah Ingram

Head of Parenting and Development