Are you interested in raising funds to help us support more local children and families?


Giving to good causes is a huge part of our culture in the UK, with the British public alone donating over £9 billion annually, and supporting charities through a range of other fundraising activities.


Many charitable organisations concentrate on campaigns or helplines. This is good, and necessary, but not enough. Fegan’s exclusive focus is to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of the child, face to face, expertly, for as long as healing takes; working holistically to break the generational cycles of abuse and trauma. We cannot provide this lifeline without the help of volunteers, donors, businesses, schools and communities.


Not everyone has to run a marathon or climb Everest to raise sponsorship. Take a look at our FundFegans website for inspiration, and get involved!


Fundraising can be a competitive market place, so the quirkier and more unique your events, the better in order to stand out and motivate your community and supporters. Get brainstorming and let us know how you get on! Please share any of your great, whacky or unusual fundraising event ideas, and don’t forget that we’re here to support you.

Remember that every single pound that you raise helps a child.

A is for… Auction
Bring local businesses together!

B is for…Bad Tie Day
Great one for all the office to enjoy

C is for…Cricket Match
Picnic, day out, raise money!

D is for…Darts Competition
Team up in your local pub for extra fun

E is for…Egg & Spoon Race
One for all the family

F is for…Football Tournament
Pick your team and get moving

G is for…Games Night
Warning, could get highly competitive…

H is for…Head Shave
Be brave, go for the shave!

I is for…Invite
Invite you friends round for cake

J is for…Jazz Evening
Music to make the heart sing

K is for…Karaoke Night
Everyone has a favourite…

L is for…Litter Pick
Good for the environment and the community

M is for…Masked Ball
Glamorous and so much fun

N is for…Name the Teddy
A firm favourite for the little ones

O is for…Open Garden
Celebrate nature

P is for…Plant Sale
Plants are back in style…

Q is for…Quiz Night
Can be at home, or hit the pub!

R is for…Recycling Competition
Recycling is the way forward, let’s make it fun

S is for…Sponsored Silence Teenagers love this challenge

T is for…Tombola
Got to be in it to win it

U is for…Unwanted Gift Sale
Perfect for a spring clean

V is for…Vintage Day
Great for a history lesson

W is for…Wacky Hair Day
Fantastic for all the school

X is for…Xylophone Concert
Creative, and quirky, what’s not to love?

Y is for…Yoga-thon
The ultimate zen experience

Z is for…Zip Wire Challenge
Thrill seekers rejoice!

Contact the Fundraising Team via email ( or phone (01892 538288) to let us know how you would like to fundraise or ask any questions you may have.

Once we have the details we will then send you the materials you need to make it happen!